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Kitchen Designs – The kitchen is the centre of any house and a place that we all visit a number of times every day. When entertaining, it becomes a focal point of preparation and is increasingly incorporated in open plan living areas to create a sense of inclusion and space. Even small kitchens can be given a new outlook simply by opening them out onto an adjoining dining or living area with the removal of a single wall.
When considering a kitchen design for both small kitchens or larger areas, any renovation or upgrade will need to consider workflow (the classic “triangle” between your sink, fridge and stove), kitchen appliances, cupboards, cabinets, island benches, galley-style areas and especially kitchen benchtops.
Kitchen benchtops (granite, Laminex, stone, acrylic-based surfaces, etc) are an extremely visible component and much consideration should be given to light or dark shades that can transform the look of any kitchen. They may also dictate other components like your appliances, kitchen cabinets, handles and more. When it comes to kitchen cupboards, be aware of how light plays off the surfaces on those below benchtops – you may find that using a different surface colour will be appropriate for those under and over benches.
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