Small Kitchen Designs With Maximum Efficiency And Style

Not everyone has a 100 square metre kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and efficiency. In fact, many small kitchen designs are cute and aesthetically pleasing as well as providing the best in functionality. You would be surprised at what all you can fit into a small space and how different aspects of the design allow for a much better look.

There are certain features to a smaller kitchen that can be implemented in order to make the space look bigger and more tidy. One thing that can help quite a bit is if you have higher ceilings in your kitchen even though the space might be smaller. If you happen to be designing a home, keep this in mind.

If you’ve already got a kitchen space and are planning a renovation, then consider space saving strategies. For example, you can have an under-the-counter refrigerator, creative cabinetry and unique positioning of appliances. Often, a streamlined kitchen is the ideal design for a small kitchen space, but this can be done in a variety of different ways of course. It’s all going to be up to you and what you like.

Of course just because you’re using space saving strategies doesn’t mean you can’t get luxurious with the design. For example, you can incorporate granite counter tops, which is always a nice touch. Decorate the walls, create a back splash for the sink area and more. You can even leave some of your cabinet space without doors if you wish so that it opens up the room.

Determine what you need first, and then add in ways to get other things that you want. If you’ve got space for a table in there, make it ornate yet smaller and use chairs that do not have arms as a great space saving technique. Sometimes that lack of upper cabinet space, if doable, can help open up a smaller kitchen and allow you to further decorate. If you can deal without the upper cabinet space, you will see how this can really affect your kitchen in a nice way.

You can also utilize bar stools in your kitchen that perhaps can be slid over to the side out of the way when not being used. Maybe you’re even able to store them underneath a counter to maximize space.

The colors you choose and how they blend together makes a big difference when looking for unification in design and making your space appear larger. Avoid things like islands in a small kitchen space that is rectangular. However, these can be utilized when you have a more square kitchen and want to save space. Things can be stored underneath these islands, but they don’t allow for as much maneuvering in rectangular small kitchen designs.

There are numerous other ways you can maximize your kitchen space. Small kitchen designs not only allow you to maximize the space you do have, but they help you think of creative ideas for other rooms in your home as well.